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  Tracing Tuckleys - An ode to John's Roots

Henry Tuckley

Tracing Tuckleys

Back home with the 'gen',
He got out his pen,
And wrote it all down, date by date,
Their names on a list,
And he couldn't resist...
Seeling 'status' - some small and some great.

And - believe it or not,
It gave him a shock,
hen probing the Tuckley archive..
It seemed now he'd win,
for some of his kin,
went back to twelve seventy five....

This branch of the clan,
In escaping - had ran.....
From famine and black death combined,
So granted more time,
To add to the line,
More Tuckleys, for our John to find.

So, discovered and proved,
Though some of 'em moved,
He'd traced 'em in Yardley and Sheldon,
Himley and Willenhall,
And Coleshill an' all.
And his own Wolverhampton - were done.

Now he's covered the miles,
He'll be using the files,
In compiling the whole Tuckley clan -
For he's done of hos best,
So his forebears can rest -
According to God's Holy Plan.

And, won't it be great,
If only we'll wait,
We shall see what his findings release,
The whole family tree -
On the wall, framed, to see -
Now the TUCKLEYS can all "REST IN PEACE"

By P.McGowan

The quest is now on,
For the whole Tuckley clan,
No matter how far back he goes.
Of those dead and gone,
They're all in the plan,
And where it will end 'goodness knows'.

With Marriages, Deaths,
And Births, to be found,
And 'certs' to be copied and scanned.
Of how they all lived,
What each of 'em did,
And where they hung out in the land.

They're put into groups,
These 'late' Tuckley folk,
Their names he has got to a "T"...
With numerous Johns,
And Williams - to boot,
It's certainly not any joke...

To help with the search,
He went to a church,
And probed all the records on sight,
For any odd Tuckeys,
He might have missed out,
'cause surely that wouldn't be right.

The Grandmas and Grandads,
Were there in the book,
And some more names he found on a grave,
Showing verses of love,
And prayers to 'above',
The heavenly pathway to pave.

To Somerset House,
He ventured one day,
To add to the list he had got,
And pleasantly found,
As he wanderered around,
With success - he had discovered the 'lot'...

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