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  William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror
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The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is probably the best known and probably the most significant battle in English history. What you may ask has this to do with the origin of the name Tuckley ?

A J Camp in his book “My Ancestors came with the Conqueror” reviews all the literature on the subject and his lists include references to the following names.

Touke, Tuk, Toke, Tuke, Touques

All or some of these names may be the origin of the “Tuck” part of the name

The sound [k] occurred in French as a representative of the Latin [qu] and was expressed in Northern French by the Greek letter [K]. The name Tuk could have arrived in France with the Norse Viking Settlers who were allowed by the King of France to settle in the region we know today as Normandy. But how did the Normandy river Touques get its name ?

A bronze memorial plaque was erected in 1931 at the Castle of Falaise in Normandy in France listing the names of 315 Knights who may have fought at the Battle of Hastings or followed William from France to England subsequently. Unfortunately English historians have not accepted the evidence from which this list was prepared because the documents used were not written at the time of the Battle but only after several hundred years had elapsed. The plaque does not list any Touques or variants.

The 1066 Map of Normandy highlights the location of Touques Abbey and the river Touques and suggests that it was a key area and that migrants from the area may have used the name to identify themselves.

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