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Bit [Correction]

The contraction of BInary digiT to form BIT can be attributed ? to a John W. Tukey, who had written a Bell labs memo on 9th Jan 1947 in which he contracted " binary digit "to simply "bit"

Nancy [Brigatine]

Nancy Brigatine

The following reference was found in Lloyds Evening Post London England - 21st October 1776 – The Nancy, Tuckley , a brigantine from Virginia with 300 Hogsheads of Tobacco having a pretended clearance from London from Lord Dunsmore for London and another from the Congress of Dunkirk and sent both vessels to some port on the Continent.

What was the connection with the name Tuckley ? Was it the Captain for this voyage or was it the name of the merchant who chartered the vessel ?.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Subsequent to finding this reference an item hit the news about the wreck of "a" Nancy , a 10 gun Brigatine, which sank in 1784, has been discovered [2008] off the Isles of Scilly.

Research has also identified a Brigantine " Nancy" which took part in the Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet off which took place on June 29th 1776.The vessel was carrying arms and gunpowder from the Virgin Islands to Philadelphia.On 28th June Pennsylvania's brig Nancy arrived in the area with 386 barrels of " gun"powder in her hold. A little known naval encounter during the Revolutionary War. The Nancy took a terrific bombardment from the enemy guns [the British] and was blown up ?

The Declaration of Independence was given on 4th July 1776.

There are several different references to "the" Nancy, one was built in 1766 in Bridgwater , Somerset ,their first really big ship, were their several vessels with the same name ?


Tuckley Street, Cork, Ireland

Several references have been found in the Press in the 1800's to a Tuckley Street in Cork . A check on the current road map of Cork shows only a Tuckey Street.


Medical Conditions - Eye Condition

Three people, 2 males one female, with the name Tuckley have an eye problem called Pterigum.

The condition is more common in hot dry, dusty and sunny countries. They can trace it back to members of the family in 1912.

They were originally from the Willenhall locksmiths but migrated to Chesterfield with the mining part of the families.



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