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Research on the surname in and around Bridgnorth has revealed several characters

William Tuckley was born in 1835 in Tipton and he was appointed Manager of the Bridgnorth Waterworks in 1866 at the age of 31 years. He completed over 60 years of service and was buried in Bridgnorth Cemetry in 1928 and his headstone still stand. The death of his son Ernest Tuckley who died in 1917 in the 1st World Waris is recorded on the stone below that of his father. The stone needs some repairs but Bridgnorth Rural District Council have refused my offer of help. If you are a distant but direct relative can you do something to repair it its a pity to see it disappear. William was interviewed by a local newspaper in 1922 when he was already 87 years old about his long life. When asked what advice he would give to those people hoping to live to a healthy old age he stated "Plenty of exercise, plenty of of work, and moderation in drinking and smoking " Mr Tuckley has had two wives , 11 children, [6 daughters, 5 Sons], 31 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any male descendents living in 2015.

Ernest Tuckley served in the Boer War in South Africa 1899 to 2001 .He started as a private and appears to have been promoted to a Lance Corporal in 1901. He returned home alive and without any heath issues. He wrote letters home to his family at least 5 times during the war and gave some interesting information about aspects of life as a member of the 2nd Kings Shropshire Light Infantory Mounted Brigade. His letter home dated 12 th May 1900, was probably censored but he indicated that he had fought in 8 battles ,but he only lists 7:

1  Stormberg which was under General Gatacre and the battle was lost together with 800 men.
2  Dordreht
3  The Relief of Kimberley
4  Paardeberg in which Cronje was captured together 4000 men
5 On the way to Bloemfontein
6  About 20 miles from Bloemfontein
7  No record
8  Capture of Bloemfontein.

He notes in this letter "That he is now helping to hold [secure] the local Waterworks. The [pump] engine was just like the engine at home and it made me think of our dear old home which I may never see again".

He notes that it is an awful sight to see your comerades falling all around you, with their lifes blood slowly but surely ebbing away and more so does it hurt ones feelings to see them put in their blankets and buried as they fall, in a great grave.

Ernast Tuckley also fought in the 1st World War and was promoted to Company Quarter Master Serjeant. He was recorded as "Killed in Action September 26 th 1917 " It appears that he was at a Dressing Station having his wound bandaged up when a shell struck the staion and nothing more was seen of him. Ern as he was known was described as a "thorough sport, a good friend and was well liked by all of his colleagues". His death is recorded on the Tyne Cot Memorial Cemetary Zonnebeke, Belgium. He is also commemorated on the Bridgnorth War Mmemorial in the grounds of the Castle.

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