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The earliest reference found to the Tuckley name in Coal mining is for Joseph Tuckley who was killed by a fall of coals in 1790 in the Tipton, Darlaston, Wednesbury area. He may be the Joseph who moved from Willenhall and started the Tipton branch of the family circa 1787.

Working conditions, Strikes and Accidents in the Coal  Mining Industry were a big problem .particularly from the 1860's onwards. families   Coal Mine owners gave their striking miners notice to quit their cottages and brought in miners from other  areas, who were not involved in the dispute, to break the strike.

George Tuckley [born Willenhall in 1837] started out as a key smith but by the time of his marriage in 1858 was a Colliery Clerk in the Willenhall area. He moved his family circa 1875 to Danesmoor, Clay Cross area of Derbyshire and started the Chesterfield branch of the Tuckley Mining.

Mark Tuckley started out as a Die Sinker in Willenhall but became a coal miner and moved his family in 1880 to Pendlebury, Salford  area of Manchester in1880. Was he a strike breaker ?. There was an area in Pendlebury known as " Little Bilston" because so many people living in that area came from the Black Country. Doreen Geary informs me that " The Staffordshire Miners had a really bad time settling into Pendlebury.

They were spat at and abused in whatever way possible. The Pendlebury miners were very upset at fellow miners coming and taking their jobs and their homes. Unfortunately it was survival of the fittest and the Staffordshire miners must have been desperate for work also. The term " blackleg" may have been derived from the fact that the miners of the black country were coming up North hence the word blackleg.

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