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There is reference to a bargain and sale of an feoffment [Easement] by Humphrey Tuckley of Lynedone [Occupation fewster or saddletree maker] 1611 of Lands and Appurtenances in Lynedon

A Humphrey Tuckley was christened on the 22nd April 1654 [father John Tuckley of Yardley] No record of his marriage or death has been found in the Sheldon, Lyndon, Yardley areas. Consequently he may therefore be the Humphrey who married 20th April 1688 at Himley ,near Wolverhampton, on the North side of Birmingham. This man was listed in his will in 1714 as a Baker , a man with status in the community and he may have moved with a benefactor to be the baker at Himley Hall near Wolverhampton and then on to Bentley Hall near Willenhall, Staffordshire.. In the will of John Tuckley in 1642 in Coleshill he was also identified as a Baker so there is some logic for making the connection between the skills of the migration of Tuckley the Baker from the South side of Birmingham to the North side.

Not all the Tuckley’s were prosperous and in 1709 a Birmingham Aston Juxta Settlement Certificate refers to the poor of the the Parish of Sheldon and lists Thomas Tuckley and his wife and children.

Humphrey in his will of 1714 left his possessions to his son John. His son John’s occupation is not known but his sons Humphrey and John Tuckley appear to be the first Locksmiths in the family. How and where they learnt the trade is not clear but in their wills they are described as Locksmiths.

John Tuckley who was born 1740 was married at Bushbury near Wolverhampton in 1765 and was described in the register as a Locksmith, Referencve to the occupation of the man is not usually noted in the Wedding Register so maybe he was a Master Locksmith..

The first Trade reference to a Locksmith is Humphrey Tackley [Tuckley] a Box Lock Maker in the 1780 Pearson and Rollason Directory. A more detailed story of the Willenhall Locksmiths is in the section on Trades..

Other interesting references found to other trades are :-

Cordwainer - Benjamin Tuckley born London circa1788 married Northampton 1814 four of his children emigrated to the USA. His father was a Milk Seller.

Nailor - Coleshill, Warwickshire dated 25th November 1728 when Benjamin Tuckley was apprenticed as a Nailor to [his father ?] Benjamin Tuckley.

Coal Miner – Joseph Tuckley killed by a fall of Coals Tipton /Darlaston 1770

Boot and Shoe Maker - Northampton Marriage of Benjamin Tuckley 1839.

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