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Church records

Details on Tuckley.org:

All the land document references  for the Tuckley families between 1275 and 1461 were in Yardley, now a suburb of Birmingham.

The next reference in 1559 is again in Yardley but after that date and between 1560 and 1675 we start to see new locations around the Yardley area being mentioned   Sheldon, Bickenhill, Lyndon. The families would have been involved farming, and they seem to have been successful.

After this period we start to see greater migration of the families in search of work

[1]  to the North of Birmingham to Willenhall [near Wolverhampton]  and the Lock Industry. In 1688 a Humphrey Tuckley [a baker]  married Sarah Bradely at Himley ,North West of Birmingham. This man started the Willenhall Locksmith families in the 1700's. He may have been the son of John Tuckley of Yardley born 1654

[2]  to the South of Birmingham to London and to Northampton area for the Boot and Shoe Industry.

The early references to Tuckley's in London appear in the 1780's and the early 1800's but there is no evidence of a major growth of the families in the London area.

Stephen Thomas Tuckley was born 1815 at Stony Stratford  and was married in Northampton in 1834 and their is a rapid expansion of the families in the area during 1830 and 1880

The mining families migrate to Derbyshire and Lancashire in the 1870's from Willenhall

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