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  USA & Canada

Church records

Details on Tuckley.org:

There are several references to the name in the USA and Canada from the 1850's.

Richard Tuckley arrived in the USA in 1853 [from Northampton ?] and Cheryl Tuckley Williams in the USA  informs me that her great great grandfather Spencer Tuckley emigrated from Northampton in1866. Unfortunately the name has not gained a foothold in the USA and there are no established groups of Tuckley families.

I am informed by Kushal Tuckley that there are people living in Mumbai, India, for at least 4 generations, with the name Tuckley. They do not appear to have " Britishers " blood in their family and do not have any Anglo Saxon racial features.

There is a similar sounding name with Indian origin which is pronounced exactly like Tuckley but is spelt as " takale or takle"  It means bald headed in their mother language Marathi.

David Tuckley died at the battle of Chilianwala in India in 1849  and there is a reference to a Joseph Tuckley who served in India in the battle of the "Punjab " and his campaign medals are now with a descendent in the USA so perhaps there was a military connection ? 

References and contacts have been made with Tuckley families  in South Africa, Australia and Canada but they have not developed into larger groups and the name has disappeared.

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