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  Church Records

Church records

Details on Tuckley.org:

Births, Marriages and Deaths first started to be recorded by Church's throughout the country in the 1550’s.There are no references at this time to Tuckley’s in Yardley where we last found the Tuckley families

The first reference to the surname is in the Church Records is the marriage of John Tuckley on 10th February 1560 to Anne [no surname given] in the St Giles, Sheldon Registers a neighbouring area to Yardley. The St Giles Registers start in 1558..

This is the first written reference, so far found, to the modern spelling with the use of the letter “C” and without the second “K” and without the “E” link between TUCK and LEY

Editor’s Note
My name is John Tuckley and I was married in Wolverhampton in 1965 – so some 400 years and only 30 miles separate us. It was a special feeling when I came across this particular reference..

The first will found is for a John Tuckley dated 1582 from Lindon in the parish of Bicknell [Bickenhill near Birmingham Airport ] and it probably is the will for John married in 1560. Details are given in the section on Wills.

The first recorded burial in the St Giles Registers is for Anne Tuckley [widow] of Lyndon 30th April 1604. She is probably the widow of John who died in 1582.They must have been a prosperous family as burial services required a payment to the Church. In 1631 there is record that the charge for a burial was ten shillings.

There is reference to a Tuckley Field in Yardley in land transaction documents dated 1559 to 1687

The Civil War lasted from 1642 to 1651 but it does not appear to have disrupted life for the Tuckley’s. births , marriages and burials continued to be recorded throughout this period. The battle of Edge Hill, Warwickshire was fought on 23rd October 1642 and Cromwell and the Parliamentarians appear to have been in control of the Sheldon, Bickenhill, Yardley areas during the War

A William Tuckley married Anne Yates at Coleshill 10th April 1642 so there is some evidence of integration and contact with neighbouring areas.

The first reference to the Tuckley’s living in London is the marriage of Anne Tuckley to Thomas Holton at St Dunstans, Stepney on 20th June 1682.

The Birth, Marraige and Death records are courtesy of Colin Tuckley.

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