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  Origin of the Surname Tuckley



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Did you know that the ancestors of the people with the surname Tuckley have been living in England for over 750 years?

This website was researched, devised and published by John Tuckley a direct descendant of the locksmiths of Willenhall near Wolverhampton, Staffordshire This web site was first published in 2002 and subsequently it has been revised in 2008 and 2016.

John was born in Wolverhampton, England, only 40 miles from Yardley, Warwickshire where a form of the modern surname Tukkeleye was first recorded in 1275. This research into the possible origin of the surname and the subsequent history, migration, trades and military roles of people with the name is and will be an ongoing process.

The name is a two part name TUCK and LEYwhich suggests that it was originally a place name. The "TUCK" part of the name is a possible form of TUK or TUKKE, which is a Viking name. DNA analysis of John Tuckley genes indicate that he is of Norse Viking origin. But how did the name TUK arrive in England?

Perhaps with the Vikings pre 1000 or did it arrive in England, directly from Normandy in 1066, with or after William the Conqueror? Their are many references to the meaning and the spellingof the word LEY, LEA, LEE and could mean clearing in a wood. There are many such refernces around Birmingham such as Shirley, Tyesley and Moseley but unfortunately no place name Tuckley.

The 1881 Census of England identified only 210 people with the surname Tuckley, in the population of 24.4 million people, which puts the name in the "rare" category. The majority [82%] of the families were living in only three counties Staffordshire [86] mainly Lock and Key Smiths,  Warwickshire [56 a mixture of trades] and Northamptonshire [31] the Boot and Shoe trade.

The 2016 head count for people living in England with the surname would appear to be approximately 1000. Tracing the origin of a surname is a continuous process and if you have any thoughts or ideas or possible information or wish to discuss the theories outlined John would be happy to add your comments to this website.

History as someone once said is a maze of interpretation and reinterpretation.

John Tuckley


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